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Beginner students: One octave Major Scales and arpeggios up to 3 accidentals; Rubank Elementary Method and Any Band Method; Repertoire can include Irish Jigs, Baroque Dances, sightreading octave transposition (if needed) of Popular and Broadway music; Improvisation with Primary chord progression

Intermediate students: Tone exercises; Two octave Major/minor Scales, Chromatic and arpeggios up to 4 accidentals; Rubank Intermediate Method; Beginner Flute Duets for sight-reading practice; Repertoire can include Sonatinas, Arrangements of Well-known Classical Pieces; Lyrical Romantic pieces; Pop and Rock; Improvisation based on blues scales

Advanced students: Trevor Wye’s series of books for tone, scales, vibrato; Memorized two octaves major/minor scales and arpeggios, 3 octave chromatic scale; Select etude collections from Andersen, Berbiguier, Karg-Elert, and others; Repertoire can include Faure Fantasie, Mozart Concertos, Bach Sonatas, Suite, & Partitas, Handel Sonatas, Telemann duets, Modern Concertinos such as Molique, Character Pieces by Modern composers, Extended flute techniques for rock music using overtones, singing while playing, beatboxing, flutter tongue, double and triple tonguing

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Student Performances
Ellyn Miller- Happy Mom

My daughter Emily has been taking flute and piano lessons from Michelle. Michelle has been a wonderful asset to Emily's musical experience. She is tough when she needs to be, asking more when more is clearly needed. Yet she has an undeniable intuition when a little lenience or understanding is in order. Michelle has the ability to adapt and shift her approach from student to student. I know this because my daughter Gabby is now taking piano lessons and Michelle has a keen understanding of both childs' strengths and weaknesses and rolling with them. Thank you Michelle for instilling the joy of music in our children!

Ellyn Miller / Happy Mom
Lee Roe- Mom

Michelle is an excellent teacher. She is kind, patient and understands how to teach children so they are excited about learning. I never have to tell my child to practice because she enjoys sharing her progress with Michelle. My husband and I consider Michelle a wonderful addition to our daughter's childhood. Our daughter will always remember Michelle's influence in both teaching flute and her personal demeanor. I am a very picky person regarding tutors and teachers and I have never found any fault with Michelle. Michelle is an excellent teacher with patience and a sense of humor. She is good at figuring out what makes each child 'tick.' We are lucky to have her and will always be grateful that she has been part of our lives.

Lee Roe / Mom
Don Schall- Student

From my experience, Michelle is very effective with adult students as well. She understands that my primary goal is to have fun, but to also continually improve by learning the right way ... she doesn't let me get away bad habits! I look forward to my flute lessons with her and to the opportunities to play in the Senior Tour Recitals that she coordinates.

Don Schall / Student